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S-2T Tanker Captain and
Board of Directors

    As a young kid, I grew up an aviation enthusiast, which meant building and crashing model airplanes and watching old WWII documentaries on warplanes. Later in life, it translated to not wanting to be a salesman and getting my pilot's license. I started pilot training in 2008 with the purpose of one day flying a tanker. I grew up in Southern California and was completely enamored by the idea of fighting fire from the air.  I watched the hills and mountains catch fire year after year and the aerial firefighters dropping red support around it.  I worked as a CFI, a banner tow pilot, and a charter pilot in Kingairs before landing my first fire job as an air attack pilot in a twin commander for the 2017 fire season.  I was hired by DynCorp the following season to fly the OV-10 and then started flying the S-2T in 2019, which is my current seat today. I’m honored to be a part of such an eclectic and admirable bunch of aviators.  I’m even more honored to have been voted to the Board of Directors in 2021 to serve the cadre and help mold the future of the program I’ve come to call home.



S-2T Tanker Captain
Board of Directors

   I grew up in the desert of southern California, and after high school, I pursued an aviation career.   Once I accomplished getting my licenses and ratings, like many new professional pilots starting their careers, I became a full-time flight instructor. A few years later, I set out to chase a dream of flying in Alaska.  I landed a job flying in the remote villages of western Alaska.  While I was there, my interest in aerial firefighting accelerated. During the summer months, I watched air tankers, scoopers, lead planes, and helicopters flying around the wildfires with the highest precision. In 2018, I was hired to fly Cal Fire King Air and OV10 air attack aircraft. Then, in 2020, I accomplished one of my most significant achievements in aviation; I became an IA-carded tanker pilot in the Cal Fire S-2T.

   It is a privilege and honor to be on the board of directors for the CFPA. The pilot group has a background with diverse flight experience and personalities. Still, we come together as a whole to make the CFPA a highly experienced group of individuals who are also knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated.

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S-2T Tanker Captain and Instructor
Board of Directors

I was introduced to aerial firefighting while growing up in northeast Wyoming near Hawkins and Powers’s operation in Greybull. While finishing my degree at Embry Riddle I was lucky enough to land an internship/work with Aero Flite Inc. flying the parts airplanes and helping maintenance crews. This led to a full time job crewing and helping maintain its fleet of Douglas DC-4s and Canadair 215s.  In 2007 I was hired by DynCorp International and became part of the Cal Fire Program.  I am a currently a S-2T Instructor Pilot and in 2019 was checked out as a Cal Fire Initial Attack C-130 Captain. 


I have served as a CFPA Board Director for the past 9 years.  It has been an honor to help shape the future of our group and continue what past members have accomplished over the years, making the program what it is today.



S-2T Tanker Captain and Instructor

I started my career in fire on the ground as a seasonal firefighter for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico. I worked on wildland engines, handcrews and helitack crews all over the western U.S. before taking a position as a Fire Specialist for the BLM-Alaska Fire Service out of Fairbanks. Almost all of our travel to fires was on a variety of fixed or rotor wing aircraft.  I was intrigued enough to earn my Private Pilot’s License the following winter.  Three fire seasons and multiple pilot ratings later, I made the decision to pursue fighting fire from the air.


After building time and experience as a flight instructor, flying roughnecks for a drilling company, and flying nights for a freight company, I was able to return to firefighting as an Air Tactical pilot flying US Forest Service contracts in piston and turbine Aero Commanders. This eventually led me to CalFire and flying the OV-10 Bronco and S-2T airtanker.


I am proud to be a member of the S-2T Tanker instructor cadre, forging the next generation of aerial firefighters!



S-2T Tanker Captain

Aerial Fire Fighting has been passionate to me since I first saw Air Tankers operating at Redding airport when I first started flying in High School.  Before I started Aerial Fire Fighting I flew missions in the U.S. , Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Central America.  I started flying Air Attack Missions in 2014 and began flying Air Tankers in 2018.

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